Coming full circle: Pizzagate, Dutroux-Network, German political elite

Coming full circle: Pizzagate, Dutroux-Network, German political elite

What is the connection between the Pizzagate-scandale, the Dutroux-network, and the German political elite? In this article I want to answer that.

First of all I want to outline the single scandales. Let’s start with „Pizzagate“. Pizzagate is a conspiracy theory which became virulent during the last US-preelection.

The Story in shortform:

Hillary Clinton runs together with her PR-advisers Tony and John Podesta and the pizzeria owner James Alefantis a childsex network in a way like back then in Belgium in the 1990s.

This was „proven“ by leaked emails of the Podesta brothers about pizza orders.

First of all the main points: There are no circumstantial and certainly no evidences that Hillary Clinton is linked to a pedophile network.

The emails of the Podesta brothers are also no circumstantial or evidences for pedophile activities.

After the rejection of the wikileaks mails as evidence, let’s have a look to two other allegedly evidences: Comet Ping Ping restaurants’s owner James Alefantis posted on Instagram pictures of children and added commentaries to these which are an evidence for pedophile affection.

Indeed Alefantis posted very weird pictures of children and commented them (we will later take a second look on that).

His and his friends comments are bizarre and give a hint to serious mental issues.

But this circumstance weakens if we look closer.

For example some are saying Alefantis has marked a picture of a baby with the hashtag „Hotard“ (connection between ho and retard).

We have to say, yes Alefantis marked this picture with this hashtag, but the hashtag refers to an other instagram user, who called Alefantis a hotard. [1]

On an other picture we see a young man with a baby on his arms. Alefantis commented it with the word „chickenlover“. Chickenlover is an expression for a pedophile homosexual.

However we need to have to look closely: If you click the hashtag „chickenlover“, you see a group of persons, who eat fried chicken (or something like this).
You can interprete in a way, that the man and his baby-kid were guests of Alefantis, who ate chickenwings (or an other meal made from poultry).

Let’s have a look to the next allegedly evidence:

The deceased alt right activist Andrew Breitbart called John Podesta „cover upperer of under age sex slave op“ [2]

The tweet explained in short form:

Andrew Breitbart sent two secret agents in the left-wing charity organization ACORN.

They should ask, if one of the ACORN employees would help to start a child protitution network.

The result was that the agents got kicked out of the branch and in most cases the ACORN employee reported it to the police.

In two cases the employee didn’t do it, but when that became known they lost their jobs.
However the US Government stopped the financial support for ACORN, that leads to the bankrupt of Acorn in 2010.

John Podesta is in that way involved as he was in the advisory committee, what advises how to deal with that scandale.

Breitbart stated with the tweet, that Podesta trys to cover up a (non-existing) child traffic network.

We noticed his aversion against John Podesta in an other situation: In an interview he screamed „F*** you, John Podesta“ and „John Pedesta“ (Pedesta = pedophile Podesta).

We can check off the tweet as evidence for Podestas guilt and notice the calling out „Pedesta“ as a weak indication.[3] [4] [5]

What remains of Pizzagate?

A lot!

The storyline about a child trafficking/pedophile network which involves Hillary Clinton is completely nonsense.

But we can be sure there is a group of pedophiles linked to ritual violence/satanism to which James Alefantis and the Podesta brothers belong.

In the centre of all that are, beside the Podestas and Alefantis, the music groups „Heavy Breathing“ and „Sex Stains“, which perform reguarly in Comet Ping Pong.

Heavy Breathing

The frontwoman of Heavy Breathing is primary school teacher (sic!) Amanda Kleinman.

She is teacher for children with disabilities who are in the first – eight grade.

Also she is scientific advisor of the George Washington University. [6]

A woman, that:

– speaks publicily about a baby’s noise when it gets raped [7]

– plays down Jared Fogle’s sex crimes using the words „We all have preferences“ and starts to laugh in a very creepy way [8]

– has a homepage filled up with disturbing pictures, which headlines „All the Children“ [9]

– uploaded a video in which she tells children a „christmas story“ which is about sexual acts. In this video we can see picture sequences showing alternately acts of violence, children, sexual acts, and the guru Sai Baba, who is known for pedophile accusations [10]

Additional there is the appearance of the band Sex Stains who is not less perverse.

Sex Stains

a band:

-who used a symbol in one of their music videos which is according the FBI a sign used by pedophiles [11] [12]

– who spread posters for a concert late at night at Comet Ping Pong with the suggestive hint „for all ages“ [13]

Now let’s talk about the main protagonist of the story James Alefantis

James Alefantis

  a man, who:

– is according to the well known GQ magazine one of the 50 most powerful men in Washington, without a statement why he is (a simple restaurant owner) so powerful [14]
-posted countless pictures on Instagram showing children in weird poses and situations and commented them ambiguous. He posted other suspicious pictures, for example one showing a man posing with two half-naked men, and wearing a pullover with the print „I love children“. He also shows himself in a strange way. [15] [16]
– let perform both bands Sex Stains and Heavy Breathing in his restaurant ( the statements about noises of babies during rape and about Jared Fogle happened during perfomance in Comet Ping Pong) [17]

– hosts parties at the same place where small children dance on tables at night. [18]
-uses a restaurant logo including four baphomets (inverse pentagram, recognition sign of satanists) [19]

-has his restaurant in the neighborhood to an pizzeria, which uses the same pedophile symbol in its firm logo as the band Sex Stains [20]
–employed a DJ who posts constantly weird and obscene pictures [21] [22] [23]

Short outline about Tony Podesta

Tony Podesta, a man, who:

– befriend with the convicted sexual offender Dennis Hestert [24]

-has photografies of the „artist“ Magie Geerlinks on the walls of his house hanging, which shows almost naked children and complete nude youth. Also he has paintings of disturbed looking children an one of a baby in weird pose. [25] [26] [27] [29] [30]

– a morbid statue, which shows a headless body in strange pose (perhaps it shows the victims of the murder Jeffrey Dahmer) [31]

– is befriend with the „artist“ Marina Abramovic . Abramovic’s „art“work shows half-naked children, thematises cannibalism and other sick stuff. Moreover, she makes known, she is a satanist. For example she cuts in the name of art a baphomet in the stomach (the baphomet she uses frequently in her „art“work), poses with a ram head (ram-heads are a often used signs of satanists) and names herself at twitter „AbramovicM666“. [32] [33] [34] [35] [36] [37]

-gets invited from the self person to the so called „Spirit Cooking“. Spirit Cooking is an art-action, in which with red paint (or a blood mixture) odd messages and satanic signs get painted on the wall. [38]

– is befriend with Biljana Djurdjevic, a person, who paint disgusting pictures, which shows children and antichristian symbols

Now we will talk about the Belgian pedophile-network of Marc Dutroux

Marc Dutroux

 a man, who:

-got involved probably 1984 in the first murder case

-got his first conviction of a sex crime 1986

-back then he kidnapped with his wife five girls in the age of 12 – 19, he abused them and filmed it, in order to sell the videos as porn.

– gets 1989 convicted to over 13 years prison, but 1992 he got pardoned by the Belgian justice ministre

-kidnapped in 1995 four girls, imprisoned and abused them and made videos of it. The videos he wanted sell for a big sum of money.

– middle 1995 a man, with them Dutroux commited robberies, reported the police, Dutroux offered him money, if he would kidnap a child for him

– Dutroux‘ mother sent a letter to the prosecutor, in which she stated, her son could be in connection with the disappearance of the missed girls

– in december 1995 the police searched Dutroux‘ house, in which basement dungeon were two of the kidnapped girls, becaus he was suspicious for car stealing

– allthough the policemen voices and the crying of children heard and videos found, which showed rapes and other suspicious stuff, the finished the search

– 1996 he kidnapped two girls in the age of 12-14

-at the 13. and 14. august 1996 get Marc Dutroux, his wife Michelle Martin, and the both accomplices Michel Lelièvre and Michel Nihoul arrested

– 2004 Marc Dutroux gets convicted to life sentence, Michelle Martin gets convicted to 30 years, the accomplies Michel Levievre got 25 years and Michel Nihoul 5 years.

– in 2012 Michelle Martin got released, nowadays, she lives in the house of a high ranking former judge [39] [40] [41]

Where is the connection between these both scandalels and what has the German politics-elite with all that to do?

The interface is a man, whose links to the German political prominence I at an earlier point in time mentioned:

Benoit „The Black Baron“ Bonvoisin

I cite my article „Schwarz-Schilling and the Black Baron“:

Benoit de Bonvoisin, a Belgian aristocrat, who is nicknamed „Black Baron“

De Bonvoisin is one of the most despicable persons of the modern Belgium.

Proofed is his financial support for the neo nazi organization Front de la Jeunesse (Youth Front).

Moreover he was treasurer of the CEPIC, who represent the ultra-right wing inside the CSP (belg. christdemocratic party)

Also he hides the wanted neo nazi Eckhard Weil.

Beside his connections to the right wing extremism, he is a key figure of the Dutroux scandale.

Inter alia, he got identyfied by the victim Regina Louf.

And it’s proofed, he is befriend with the former and present lawyer of Marc Dutroux. [42]

Meanwhile I am in the position to proof, that Bonvoisin has direct connections to the White House, at least with the Reagan and Geoge W. Bush Jr. administration he were in touch. [43] [44]

That reveals a telegram, what got published at wikileaks. It states about a secret meeting between Bonvoisin and the Reagan familiar Phil Crane. [45]

Bonvoisin worked closed together with the CDU-politican Christian Schwarz-Schilling. [42]

Beside Schwarz-Schilling Bonvoisin were with a couple other German politicians in touch.

For example: Franz-Josef Strauß, Bruno Heck und Dieter A. Schmidt. [46]

While we only had the connection Schwarz-Schilling→Bonvoisin→Crane→Reagan/Bush → US-politic-elite so far, I can now verify the direct link between Dutroux-network and Pizzagate.

The direct link between Dutroux-network and Pizzagate is Axel Vervoordt. [47]

Who is Axel Vervoordt?

-Axel Vervoordt is a Belgian businessman and art collector

-Axel Vervoordt got blamed by Baron Yann de Meeus d’Argenteuil (who was back in time part of the Belgian elite) as participant of sex-parties, in which were children involved.

Baron Yann de Meeus d’Argenteuil stated a couple other names of participants of such parties. Short after the publishing of the dossier he died under unknown circumstances. Official cause of death: Suicide

-Moreover one of Vervoordt’s castle is situated directly near a castle, in which, according to the statement of the witness and Dutroux-victim Regina Louf, a studio for snuff films (snuff films are films in which humans get live on tape tortured, raped and killed) is located, Regina Louf also stated, in that studio get a 15 year old girl killed by a group of men (inter alia Michel Nihoul). [48] [49]

Let’s face the connection between Axel Vervoordt and Pizzagate.

Axel Vervoordt is befriend with the „artist“ Marina Abramovic.

Also he is in touch with the Podesta brothers. [47]

In a short formular:

Schwarz-Schilling→Bonvoisin/Vervoodt→ Abramovic/Podesta


German politician-elite→Dutroux-complex→ Pizzagate

What further hints are there for an involvement of German politicians in Pizzagate and Dutroux-network?

Beside the evidences of the concrete connection, there are plenty circumstantial, which point in direction Germany.

-A close confidant of Dutroux, the Greek Mikhail Diakostavrianos, had a lot of contacts to Germany. [50] 

-The Berliner newspaper „BZ“ reported, that a boy, who was kidnapped in 1993 fall victim to a group of pedophiles, which were in contact with Marc Dutroux. Beside contacts to Germany, he had also some to Slovakia. [51]

-There are hints, Dutroux was active for the East-German (GDR) intelligence [52]

-Proofed is at least one travel of Diakostavrianos and Dutroux to Slovakia, in order to start prostitution network. In the trial it became known, that Dutroux raped in 1994 a woman in Slovakia and in 1996 a Slovakian woman in Belgium.

Bonvoisin and Schwarz-Schilling worked closely together. The friend of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush flew directly after a private meeting with Bonvoisin to Bonn (Germany), where he mets the German chancellor Helmut Schmidt and the famous German politician Franz-Josef Strauß.[53]

What (possible) connections are there beside this?

A further intersection between Pizzagate and Dutroux is the topic satanism.

Hints to satanism in the Pizzagate complex:

-baphomets on the entry and exit of Alefantis‘ restaurant

– baphomet incised at the belly of Marina Abramovic, also baphomets at the „art“ performances and the number 666 at her perfomances and her twitter name.

– inversed cross at an artwork of Biljana Djurdevic.

Hints to satanism in the Dutroux complex:

– the back them 19-year old woman Naomi M. stated, she was member in a satanist network. She had take part of the ritual killing of a newborn. The network consists of members of her family . She and her brother stated, her relatives met Marc Dutroux a few times (!)

-one of the lawyers of Marc Dutroux said on a trial day about the link of Dutroux to the satanist group „Abrasax“: We want the whole story, also the connection to the Abrasax sect. the Belgian police investigated intensivly satanist group „Institute Abrasax“

– it is noticable, that according a report of the Fortean Times Magazine 1997 a couple of Belgian cops get exposed as member of that satanist group. These cops lived in Charleroi, the town, in which Dutroux lived and had had his house, in which the dead victims were found

– during a house search at the Dutroux accomplice Weinstein the police found a letter, which stated „don’t forget the present for the highpriest“, an other letter stated „you need necessarily eight victims between the ages 1 to 33 for a satanistic ceremony [54]












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Bild: Welt Nachtaufnahme Satellitenbild – Kostenloses Foto auf Pixabay

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